The Bicycle - Errata


This errata page includes comments by several readers. As one may imagine, a book with 341 illustrations and an extensive text is an enormous project which can become unwieldy at times, especially when the author is on one continent and the editorial staff and designers are on another. Due to less than perfect proof-reading, I missed a number of changes and additions made by the editor. These are noted as PPR (poor proof-reading).

p. 21 delete "Royal". That happened later (PPR)

p. 24 Bramley and Parker patented a tandem tricycle (PPR)

p. 33 spelling of Karl Keck

p. 36 "1986" should be "1869" (PPR)

p. 40 spelling of Calvin Witty

p. 51 Paris-Rouen was 1869, not 1870 (PPR)

p. 55 delete "under", in "Karl Kron (under the pen name of Lyman Hotchkiss Bagg)...". This word effectively reverses the name with the pseudonym. In an effort to reduce undeserved ridicule, I request all those in possession of, or who have access to my book, to take a pen and cross out this word, located on the 11th line of page 55. (PPR)

p. 64 Pierre Lallement's patent expired Nov. 1883, not 1884

       spelling of Thomas Jeffery and Gormully and Jeffery (also on p. 65)

p. 70 spelling of Haynes and Jefferis

p. 78 The Cross-Channel Tricycle was named the "Amphibious" 

p. 81 the 2nd sentence of the 2nd paragraph: "The latter was renamed..." should be replaced with: "They were renamed the Cyclists' Touring Club and the National Cyclists' Union when tricyclists were included."

p. 87 spelling of Ion Keith-Falconer (PPR)

       spelling of Herbert Liddell Cortis and George Pilkington Mills

pp. 92-93 the double-page introduction to the safety bicycle should have had the complete photograph of the early BSA safety. I yielded to the editor's and designer's demand that only a portion of the bicycle be visible, with the understanding that they were to at least show the chain drive and bridle-rod steering. To my surprise, only the most insignificant aspects of this important machine are illustrated. (A replacement photo shows the complete bicycle in the soft-cover reprint of The Bicycle, published for the Design Museum in London).

p. 94 the Shergold bicycle: my original text simply stated that it "is now in the Science Museum in London"      (it is not on view)   (PPR)

p. 95  The Leonardo da Vinci bicycle HOAX recently, the drawing of a bicycle, thought to have been from the studio of Leonardo da Vinci, is now considered a hoax 

p. 106 spelling of Charles & Frank Duryea

p. 112 to my surpise, the wrong tile vignette from the exterior wall of Bibendum Restaurant in London is reproduced, so now an illustration of a motorcycle racer appears in the place of Charles Terront!

p. 136 the first 6-Day winner was William Cann at the Agricultural Hall in North London in 1878. George Waller won in 1879, Frank Waller rode in the U. S.

p. 148 the early daredevil velocipedist may be Leonato (or Leonati) performing at Vauxhall Grounds, Connock-Road, Wolverhampton, somewhere around May 3 - 12, 1873. (Bell's Life of London,  May 3 and May 17, 1873)

p. 168 the bicycle to the left in the Terrot poster is not a Rétro-directe but a Terrot Model H having a derailleur that functions with a sliding rear hub.

p. 178 the name is Ben Bowden; he is riding an aluminum "Classic" prototype. Frank Bowden created the brake cable.

p. 188 the left side of this photograph was cropped. The banner reads Auto-Free Central Park, Transportation Alternatives. I will soon fill in the details for this mishap.